Why You Need Promotional Products

  • Aug 10, 2023

In a world of ever-changing advertisement trends, there is one marketing solution that never grows old – promotional products. Studies show promotional products were ranked as the highest advertising medium across all generations. If you want to expand the reach of your brand, promotional products are the way to go. Nearly nine of ten consumers remember the branding of a promotional product and roughly eight in ten looks up the brand after receiving a promotional product.

So, let’s discuss the who, what, where, and why of promotional products.

Who uses promotional products?

Around 28% of consumers are exposed to promotional products each day and around 81% keep promotional products for over a year. And even if the direct recipient of the product doesn’t keep it, chances are they are passing it along to someone else – thus expanding your brand reach. The more people who are exposed to your brand, the better results you will see in business and sales.

What are good items to have as promotional products?

One in two consumers says they have a promotional product on their person, such as a wearable item. Bags, t-shirts, and hats are prime examples of products that you can wear. Other popular promotional products include kitchen items, office supplies, and vehicle accessories. You can also tailor your promotional products to the current season. For example, you can give out promotional beach towels during the summer and promotional scarves for the winter. You could even go a step further and have certain products for holidays, like a turkey baster for Thanksgiving!

Where could you give out promotional products?

Anywhere you like! The time and place on where to give out promotional products is entirely your decision. Promotional products can be used as free gifts to potential clients or customers. Or, if you’re looking for a broader reach you could distribute your products at tradeshows or public events. Promotional products can also be used as incentives for employees who show excellent performance.

Why are promotional products effective?

71% of people feel happy when they receive a promotional product, which influences their buying behavior significantly. 83% of consumers recalled the branding of the promotional product they received, and eight in ten admitted their impression of a brand positively changed after receiving a promotional product. Consumers also agree that while promotional products bring value to brands, they also found to be useful. Functionality and style are the two main reasons why consumers love promotional products. Brand loyalty also increases by 24% through the distribution of promotional products. Overall, promotional products are the best received and the least avoided advertising vehicle.

So, the next question that needs to be asked is: what’s stopping you from buying promotional products?